A Year After Charlottesville: Have I Practiced What I Preach?

A year ago, I shared that I had been in Charlottesville, standing up for love and peace against white supremacy. I told you that SNS was committed to dismantling systemic injustice like the racism that I saw that day, and asked you to join us in the work ahead. Privately, I decided that I would […]

I Was at Charlottesville

I was in Charlottesville this past Saturday, promoting love, equality, opportunity, and inclusion. I am still processing everything that I saw, heard, and felt (feel)—much of which I hope to never revisit. While I initially planned not to go due to intense fear, I decided that I must join my brothers and sisters in demonstrating […]

We Build Allies

Service Never Sleeps (SNS) builds allies. When I awakened two years ago with the idea of a part-time year of service for young professionals, it was always rooted in social justice. The Fellowship program was a targeted way to empower our local nonprofits that already had solutions to pressing issues, with millennial professionals who were […]

The Birds Have Left the Nest

This weekend marked a huge milestone for Service Never Sleeps (SNS): Our inaugural class of Fellows graduated! Throughout the celebration of their completed service year, I was overwhelmed with a combined sentiment of pride and hope. As I handed the Presidential Service Award to each Fellow this past Saturday, I reflected on what they had […]

It’s Time to Celebrate!

One year ago, Service Never Sleeps (SNS) announced our acceptance into the Aspen Institute’s inaugural Urban Innovation Accelerator Program. We were thrilled to tell the world that we had arrived, and had big plans for the upcoming year. Now our fellows are halfway through the inaugural service year, and we are on track to change […]

Reflections on Recent Events

This past week has been filled with intense emotions, heavy processing, and an abundance of rich dialogue. The loss of lives of the young men in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis, and the five police officers in Dallas exemplify societal ills that outrage all of us, and make our work even more critical at Service Never […]