In Solidarity with our Asian-American Siblings

Soon Chung Park Hyun Jung Grant Suncha Kim Yong Ae Yue Delaina Ashley Yaun Paul Andre Michels Xiaojie Tan Daoyou Feng These are the names of the eight people who were senselessly killed at three Atlanta-area spas on Tuesday night. My heart aches for these lives cut short so brutally. My deepest condolences extend to […]

Response to this week’s attacks: what side we will be on.

On August 12, 2017, I was in Charlottesville as a counter protester with a deep conviction that vitriol must always be confronted, that communities must be supported when facing harm, and that fear could never be used to intimidate and stop justice. I watched in horror and fear as white supremacists violently took over Charlottesville […]

Post-Election Message: Hope and Measure During These Times

Four years ago, I reflected deeply about the implications of the 2016 elections. The months of rhetoric that had been pervasive during the election season, and throughout my life, had led me to conclude that it was not my responsibility to address racism and sexism as a Black woman. I had finally developed clarity that […]

This is Personal

I am writing this message as a Black woman. I came off a solemn but restful Memorial Day weekend to news of the blatant and brutal reminders of anti-Blackness racism—a reality that has, in many ways, shaped my entire life in this Black body. I watched with aggravation, the video of a white woman weaponizing […]

Shared Humanity During Global Pandemic

I hope that this message finds you well and healthy. As the world responds to COVID-19, I am struck by how much this pandemic has impacted my life in so little time. Navigating business implications, managing social distancing, and concern for loved ones seems to be all-consuming—all while monitoring 24-hour updates from news outlets. While […]

Introducing SNS’ New Chief Operating Officer!

I am thrilled to announce our new Chief Operating Officer, Samson Girma! I first had the honor of working with Samson when we served on the same team during our Americorps year with City Year, DC over eight years ago. I was inspired by his work ethic, visionary ideas, team player attitude, and commitment to […]

Enough is Enough

Throughout the past year, I have emailed you several times with a heavy heart about whichever has been the most recent mass shooting. I am devastated to write yet again—this time addressing the two acts of terror in El Paso and Dayton that took place within less than 24 hours of one another this past […]

Solidarity: Our Humanity Binds Us

I awoke this morning to the news that an act of terror had taken place at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 49 people and injuring dozens. I mourn for the lives that were taken, the victims’ families experiencing unspeakable loss, the witnesses navigating unimaginable trauma, and the millions of Muslim siblings all over […]

This Can’t Keep Happening

This can’t keep happening. I find myself uttering this phrase far too frequently. Last week, explosive packages were sent to dozens of people around the country, and a man with apparent intentions to target a Black church in Kentucky killed two people at a nearby grocery store. Then this past Saturday, we saw the tragic […]