Tireless Action Toward Social Justice

A world where equal rights, justice and opportunity are available to all of us.

Our Vision & Mission
for Justice

Our vision is a world where equal rights, justice and opportunity are available to all.

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to catalyze social justice through service and Allyship.

What We Do

Allyship Trainings

Allyship is an active way of life in one’s respective areas of privilege that centers bridge-building to pursue social justice for everyone. This is accomplished by centering BIPOC and other marginalized people, working on the self, and influencing others. We offer a variety of trainings focused on these principles for organizations and individuals.

Black-Led Project

SNS launched a research project to explore the question 'What Does it Mean to Be Black-Led?' by engaging Black leaders across the country in one-on-one interviews and group discussions. SNS will share its findings from the project through resources and trainings so communities can also deepen their understanding of active Allyship with Black movement building.

Fellowship Program

Service is a critical piece of building community and developing a culture of shared humanity. We believe that service should come from a place of humility, where volunteers center the communities that are impacted, and provide the support that is asked of them. SNS facilitates service through its Fellowship program.

Support Service Never Sleeps

Your donation is critical in supporting our organization’s growth and work.

“Service Never Sleeps is unique in that unlike most volunteer opportunities, this is truly a year of service, where I am expected to integrate into the non-profit, learn how to best use my skills, and put them to use in a meaningful way.”

- Former Fellow

I participated in many racial justice trainings over the years but this was truly the best. The skill building piece was absolutely critical — learning about privilege and injustice is important, but having the skills to be an ally is key. I really appreciated how [the trainer] emphasized that we can all be allies in different circumstances yet still kept racial justice at the forefront of the training.

- Allyship Training Participant