Service Never Sleeps (SNS) builds allies. When I awakened two years ago with the idea of a part-time year of service for young professionals, it was always rooted in social justice. The Fellowship program was a targeted way to empower our local nonprofits that already had solutions to pressing issues, with millennial professionals who were aching to serve. Meanwhile, the companies that sponsored them could both contribute to the community and invest in their employees’ continued development. The model was an innovative “triple-win” for multiple facets of the community. Our inaugural class’s graduation this January made clear that our Fellowship Program contributed to a larger SNS calling: A movement that we have coined “Allyship.”

“Allyship” is an active way of life that promotes bridge-building towards the common purpose of ensuring equality, opportunity, and inclusion for everyone. We have expanded our programming into a three-pronged model: (1) Our signature Fellowship Program facilitates millennial professionals engaging in meaningful service at the community level, building next-generation leaders in the Allyship movement; (2) Our Corporate Partnership Program allows companies to invest in social responsibility through skills-based service projects, demonstrating that Allyship can be incorporated through all sectors; (3) Lastly, our half-day Allyship Workshop, a new initiative launching this month, trains any engaged community members to be effective allies in their regular behaviors, and equips them to actively influence others.

SNS has a more laser-focused plan than ever before. Last week, we welcomed our newest class of Fellows, who are now embarking on their transformative year of service. Next weekend we will launch our first community Allyship Workshop, which will be the first of many public community and privately hosted training sessions. Help this vision reach its full potential by donating towards our new Allyship direction.

For months, the community has asked us to lead this effort to build bridges. We are now equipped to do just that through the presentation of this recently launched Allyship focus. Will you join us?

Yours in Allyship,

Whitney Parnell
CEO & Co-Founder

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