Reflections on Recent Events

This past week has been filled with intense emotions, heavy processing, and an abundance of rich dialogue. The loss of lives of the young men in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis, and the five police officers in Dallas exemplify societal ills that outrage all of us, and make our work even more critical at Service Never Sleeps.

There is no better time to both establish and reiterate SNS’ mission and purpose. Yes, we are service-oriented, but we also aim toward the objective of ending social injustice. We are an incredibly optimistic organization believing in the power of a community to come together to ignite profound change. Service never sleeps because social injustice never sleeps. The two go hand-in-hand. SNS is about acknowledging problems, and recognizing that solutions lie within each of us to collectively make a positive social change. SNS is about hope.

Service Never Sleeps is honored to work with members of the community who believe in this double-sided call to both recognize problems, and work towards solutions. Just as we were outraged and heartbroken over the mass murder in Orlando, the same applies to last week’s tragedies. We hope that you will not only support us, but join us, loudly and proudly, as we live out our vision of serving for as long as social injustice exists.

In service,

Whitney Parnell
CEO & Co-Founder
Service Never Sleeps

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