One year ago, Service Never Sleeps (SNS) announced our acceptance into the Aspen Institute’s inaugural Urban Innovation Accelerator Program. We were thrilled to tell the world that we had arrived, and had big plans for the upcoming year. Now our fellows are halfway through the inaugural service year, and we are on track to change the world. We have accomplished so much in so little time!

We owe a profound thanks to the Aspen Institute, who took SNS under their wing while we “incubated,” and developed into the independent organization that we are now. As of today, we have transitioned out of the Aspen Institute, and are operating as an independent nonprofit organization!

We have accomplished so much this year, so let’s celebrate! SNS will host our inaugural annual Anniversary Celebration on October 20th! We would love to see you there! Come celebrate the impact of our hard work with food, drinks, and live performances.

It truly has taken a village to get us here: The Aspen Institute, our incredible board and advisers, our dynamic fellows, our mission-driven nonprofit partners, the generous corporate sponsors, and an amazing network of supporters…We are so grateful that you have joined us in this journey. So, as we close this chapter, we thank you. We hope you will stay with us as we start a new one.

Yours in service,

Whitney Parnell
CEO & Co-Founder
Service Never Sleeps

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