Corporate Partnership

Connecting consultants and nonprofits to advance social justice

Our corporate partnership program matches consulting firms with local nonprofits to provide these organizations with pro-bono strategic planning and development. Over the course of each project, our corporate partners dig into the work of each nonprofit, gain an understanding of the organization’s current areas of opportunity, and produce actionable recommendations for the nonprofit to implement.

“This was a very unique way to approach community service and I'd strongly consider participating in something like this in the future.”

- Corporate Volunteer

“This was an incredible experience for me, given that I not only got to manage a project as an analyst, but also learn so much about an organization whose goal I am very passionate about, and develop relationships in the non-profit/soccer world. Would definitely recommend the experience to all my co-workers and friends."

- Corporate Volunteer

“The team was extremely dedicated to our project and I am so pleased that we were able to work together to form a robust expansion strategy for our new signature program…”

- Non-Profit Partner

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If you are interested in learning more about our corporate partnership program, please reach out!